About Yükseller

front of company (1)Yükseller Metal has production, trading and sales activities throughout the Turkish and international aluminium market. We are an ISO 9001 certified company with 28 years of experience in both the aluminum industry and international business sector. We specialize in producing aluminium ingot, aluminium de-oxidant, secondary aluminium products from recycled scrap, and importing & exporting other nonferrous metals such as copper, lead, and zinc as high quality raw materials. Our professional engineers and manufacturing team collaborate to find innovative solutions and create quality products for our customers? needs. The high caliber of our products and repeat customer satisfaction reflects the strong effort and dedication we put into making the best aluminium products in the region.

Company Facts

– Company established in 1985

– Located in the DES Industrial Site, Yukarı Dudullu neighborhood in the working class district of Ümraniye –    İstanbul

– Manufacturing facility located in Düzce, Gümüşova

– Produce roughly 1,000 ? 1,500 MT per month, between 12,000 ? 18,000 MT per year